Interview: Aerosmith's Steven Tyler and Joe Perry Discuss Their New Album, 'Music From Another Dimension!'



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I think Aerosmith just doesn't get it anymore. Ill take three songs. Something track 14 on new album..Slingshot track from Joe's last solo album... and Out go the lights. The first two songs are just really down and dirty rock tunes that Steven should have been wailing on, but somehow they ended up with Joe singing. Slingshot should have been an Aerosmith song. It just rocks and is perfect for steven. Out go the lights is just a great song but the girls really kill the momentum, taking it from a kick butt song to a cheesy level that I don't really get. At least in my opinon. Wife disagrees, but she's a girl. The hard core fans waited to hear anything that would be close to nobody's fault, the hand that feeds, or get the lead out and instead they got six ballads and a whole bunch of rapping over beatles harmonies. That was old hat by nine lives (by the way of which the farm just kicked it along with taste of india.) They really wail on the temps tune though. Can't believe how well they play funk. The music is there, but in my opinion Steven is more interested in trying to be in the beatles than he is Aerosmith. I just wonder if the voice is failing and he has to talk/rap so much on songs cuz it hurts too much to sing. Hope not.



Good article. I wondered what direction the band would take next and it's good to hear that they're going back to the sound we all loved.
BTW, the article states that the members are "men entering or already in their sixth decade of life." I think they're all older than their 50s, aren't they? The sixth decade of life ends at age 60, so I think they're either entering or already in their seventh decade of life.

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