Interview: Barb Wire Dolls Guitarist Pyn Doll on the Return of Punk



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Just to clear up the "4x12" mystery:

Talked to Pyn, and in Greece they don't call 4x12s that, because they use metric measurements, so the speakers are not "12" anything there, unlike being 12 inches like here in the States.


Ta for being a good sport Alison. (I do some music writing too, so I know the myriad ways unintended stuff gets ink. Or html code.)

Fortunately for all involved I own neither a firearm nor a 4x4.




I saw the Barb Wire Dolls live twice and have to say they put on an amazing show!
The two gigs I saw were energetic, loud, sexy and very well executed. I'm into garage, trash rock and punk but it gets on my nerves when the kids can't play at all. These guys are tight and the girl is a rocket ship!
I'm not surprised that their fan base is growing and I now read about them here at GW.
Are they in the actual mag too cause then I'd buy the issue...
The singer is so beautiful but so damn hard rocking at the same time. She stole my heart ;)!
I think Pyn and the bassist both have serious chops playing in some cool bands before Barb Wire Dolls.
I read online that the bassist Voodoo was part of the garage GODS The Fuzztones! How wild is that?!
The Barb Wire Dolls are a great new band I'm excited about! Thanks for writing about them GW!!



Yo, Brian!

The gear rundown came directly from Pyn, obviously a typo on his part, and due to computer problems on my end, I sent it through hastily without the usual fact-checking.

Please don't shoot my editor. I'll take the bullet for this one, or you can just run me over with a 4x4!

Thanks for catching and clarifying.




Uhh, yo Alison, the guy plays slant 4x12 cabs. A "4x4" is a motor vehicle. Sheesh. Please tell me that somehow an auto-correct program did that.

However it happened, how did such a hilariously inept typo get past an editor at a mag called "Guitar World?" Shame. Shoot the editor.

At any rate, DSS is right, SPG is totally missing the point if he's looking for technical skill as something important in a punk band. It's basically the last of priorities.

My band will be playing support for BWD when they stop in Gainesville(FL) on Feb. 29th. Looking forward to it.



Seen the BWD a couple times already. I don't understand why they're on Guitar World. I'd say to be in this mag you need to be able to play guitar a little better than a beginner level 13 ear old. Guitar World! What ever happened to playing the guitar!!! In any case, i heard nothing original in this music. If this is the new Punk Generation them I'm no longer a punk. Sorry guys, Love the back story and congrads on getting so far ahead but something original would be great!


Dainty Seventyseven

I am an old English punk from the 70's that also experienced the explosion of Grunge in Seattle when i moved there in the mid 80's. BARB WIRE DOLLS are the real deal. I have not been excited in a band for over 20 years and i have been following them religiously for about a year when they first came to America. They have changed my life for the better through their interviews and lyrics. They are about inner revolution. I have much respect for you Guitar Magazine for taking a chance a writing this on them since they are technically unknown and they are unsigned. This will be the makings of an amazing, strong, and organized scene where true art and pure talent will make history. ROCK RIOT AND RIP IT UP STREET GENERATION!!

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