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Brian May Discusses Queen's Greatest Moments

Brian May Discusses Queen's Greatest Moments

Being so highly educated, did you find that being in a band provided you with adequate intellectual stimulation?

That’s an interesting question. I suppose we were quite an intellectual group, so we would always have lots of discussions about things that weren’t music. The music itself is very challenging, so I’ve never really felt the lack of stimulation. I love to be creating, I love to be making things and solving problems, I suppose, and when I’m not, then I’m not an incredibly good person to be around. If I’m not busy then I think I would be disaster. That’s just the way things are.

Innuendo, the last album that you recorded with Freddie, was released the same year as Nirvana’s Nevermind [1991]. Do you think that, had Freddie lived, Queen could have continued on the same level given the way that rock was heading in the Nineties?

It’s hard to say really. I’m sure we would have continued as a band. The fact that it continued without us being a band is incredible, so I suppose the answer would be yes. I mean, we seem to be as big as we ever were in much of the world. We revisited South America with Paul Rodgers a while ago and it was almost as big as it was in the old days. We were playing stadiums again. So yes, I think we would have still been doing what we did.

Do you ever think about retiring?

No. I’m not a person for sitting on beaches. What would I do?


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