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Interview: The Ex Senators' DMac

Interview: The Ex Senators' DMac

There's a famous and oft-parodied scene in the 1976 satirical film Network in which Peter Finch's character yells, "I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore!"

The scene may have nothing to do with music, but in a different context, it could serve as a perfect summation of the music on the upcoming debut album from Chicago's The Ex Senators.

"When something pisses you off enough, you have to say something about it," says frontman DMac, the outspoken figure who fronts the band and is as affable in conversation as his vocal attack is venomous on record.

Tracks like "Start a Fight" and "The Kids Are Trouble" paint a picture of an America where politics have slipped comfortably into the realm of the absurd while the populace is too distracted and drugged up on pharmaceuticals to notice.

Armed with the simple message of "Wake up!," The Ex Senators is a record that falls firmly in the tradition of The Clash and Billy Bragg while feeding off the urgency of America's greatest social upheaval since the '60s.

With Wall Street Occupied and Chicago calling, I recently got the chance to pick DMac's brain on music, politics and everything in between.


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