Interview: George Lynch Discusses His New Solo Album, 'Kill All Control'



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I've followed George since his Dokken days and to compare him with the Clash is as absurd as the person suggesting it!! I too love the Clash but Lynch is and always will be a far superior musician. I will always buy and listen to what Lynch has to offer because he continues to be a huge influence on my own guitar playing of which I have now been playing for 30 years!! Angus from AC/DC made me want to play guitar but it was Lynch who made me take it to another level. Thanks George for continueing to inspire us all who have heard your soul through your guitar playing!!



Horrible music, Dokken was a bunch of hair farming wankers that made mediocre forgettable music, dorky guitars, dorky look, dorky shred, dorky act. Give it up George, and go put on a Clash record and let the real education begin. You've been living in your dreams for far too long.

Jamie McCutchen

You know, everyone is entitled to their opinions, but quite frankly you are an idiot. George Lynch is easily one of the greatest guitarist out there, and far more influential than the Clash (the Clash? Really?) ever thought of being and he has far more talent than a tool like yourself could ever dream of. Just because a person doesn't care for or like something doesn't mean they can't appreciate or understand how others can. But apparently losers like yourself can't see that.

P.S. Nothing against The Clash as they were awesome in their own way, but as a guitarist, both musically and ability wise, Lynch is leagues above and beyond them.

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