Interview: Guitarist and Instructor Steve Trovato on Technology and the Changing Classroom



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I got to GIT in `95, and I took several of Steve`s classes. He didn`t sit us down and teach us scales, or chords, or arpeggios or any other drill type material. Everything he taught us revolved around being a good MUSICIAN, not just a guitar player.

"I wasn`t a country player until I was the country teacher here"...heard those very words from Steve`s mouth :-D



The ONLY reason I check into is to check out the latest Alison Richter interview. The questions are direct and show an understanding of where the artist is coming from and as a result I think they really open up more than normal. Great comments and insight from Steve.



Great article! I was at GIT in '89 and this the definitely the old Steve Trovato I remember. Great guy and a phenomenal player!

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