Interview: Guitarist Craig Goldy Talks Working with Ronnie James Dio and Touring with Dio's Disciples



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Craig has always expressed his gratitude to Ronnie for, as he put it, savng his life. You can tell he's completely sincere. I'm kinda undecided about the whole Dio Disciples thing, though. Obviously, no one could ever replace Ronnie - he was truly one of a kind - and I'm sure the guys in the band understand that, but I feel it would show more reverence if they weren't out there with a sub-par singer. When I say "subpar", it's not a knock on anyone, but a description that applies to everyone who sings a Dio song, save the great man himself; it has no choice but to be subpar. Having said that, I think Ronnie would probably approve of what they're doing because he was such a kindhearted person. For me, seeing Dio Disciples would just make me more heavy-hearted and increase my longing for the real thing. Ronnie's passing left an unfillable void in rock music. Long Live Rock 'n' Roll and Long Live The One True King, Ronnie James Dio.

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