Interview: Guitarist Nick Catanese, the "Evil Twin" from Black Label Society



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Sorry, Nick. The Washburn USA E.T. Idol blows that PRS-SE Chinese made junk out of the water. i understand that they "endorse"you, Nick but as far as the guitars go there is NO comparison between the knock off PRS and the USA Washburn guitars. Washburn Idols are every bit as good as Gibsons Les Paul(they were built to compete directly with gibson) line but you get more for the $$. Business is business but a great guitar trumps all that, imho.



I am a bigger fan of Nick's Washburn signatures than his PRS. Nothing against PRS, they make awesome guitars, but I liked the look of his Washburn Idol............and it's was an American made sig. He was a big reason I bought a washburn, and I LOVE that guitar.

People and companies part ways sometimes. Nick seems like a really awesome guy. Would love to meet him.


Met Nick at a BLS Bass Clinic in Indianapolis, IN. Very nice guy (they all were!) It was when he just got his Washburn Idol out. It was at a Sam Ash and we talked about the guitar, playing in BLS, and he told a few stories. I had him teach me a few riffs and our pictures were all over Sam Ash's website.

CSB, I know I know. Moral of the story: Nice guy, great guitar player.

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