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Interview: J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr.

Interview: J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr.

Dinosaur Jr. are much louder than most live bands. Is there a particular reason you like to crank everything so high?

Yeah, definitely. It’s more fun for me to feel the sound as well as hear it. Feeling the speakers moving and hitting me in the back definitely helps for me to play and makes me more excited to play.

Do you use earplugs?

I’ve always worn earplugs, but I’m sure my hearing’s not great.

What kind of rig are you going to use for the Bug shows?

There’s a few things I was going to mess around with, like a spring reverb. “No Bones” has some reverb that I kick around. I’ll see if that lasts or if it breaks in a day.

What’s the rest of your rig consist of?

I play a Fender Jazzmaster and three stacks and a combo, two old Marshall Plexis and a Hiwatt combo and a Hiwatt combo with Marshall cabs.

You seem to prefer using vintage gear.

Yeah, definitely. I like a lot of stuff from the ‘70s. If you could make them sound good now I’d use ‘em, but the old ones always seem to sound better, still.

What’s the rest of your pedal board going to be like?

I’ll have my regular pedal board, which consists of an old [Electro-Harmonix] Big Muff, a Dr. Scientist Frazz Dazzler combined with an Overdrive and a Z.Vex Double Rock, which is two Boxes of Rock in one pedal. And I have a Realtube Overdrive and an Electric Mistress Flanger and a Custom Audio Effect Tremolo and a KR Megavibe univibe copy.

Is there any new Dinosaur Jr. material written for the follow-up to 2009’s Farm?

I might have a couple. We’ve talked about getting together soon to maybe work on a new record.

What direction would you like to take with the next record?

I don’t know. It’s too early to tell.

Are you working on any other music for soundtracks or collaborations?

Yeah, I’m gonna do the soundtrack for the new Alison Anders movie. I’m not sure what it’s called. I haven’t done anything on it yet. But I think it has gotta be done by the end of the summer.


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