Interview: Joe Walsh Discusses His Career, Gear and New Album, 'Analog Man'



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I first saw Joe and the James Gang about 1970 in a Kent, Ohio basement bar called JBs. Kent was a college town and loved Joe and Company. He's still in my top 3 musicians of all time!



Can you imagine the music scene if Joe Walsh wasn't in it? I mean, I continue reading articles how he gave guitars and amps to the likes of Pete Townsend and Jimmy Page.

What if he hadn't? Would they play the same way? Would their career have continued the same path? Less famous, faded away?

Wow... they possibilities.

Life is better with Joe Walsh in it.

My bucket list.... hopefully to meet him some day. Have met a lot of famous people, and even Les Paul. Talked with him and posed for photos at what was Venneman's Music in Maryland outside DC.

If I could just meet Joe Walsh, I think my music life would be complete. "James Gang Rides Again" is what got me playing guitar. Still have the 8 Track on my desk we used to listen to before school. We wouldn't go inside until we heard the whole tape.... good times.



Just a comment on the "Lucky that way" video, Incredible!! Joe is Joe and sounding like Joe like he always has (his voice at this point aint gonna change). What a great song and album! He has surounded himself with excellent musicians<->Himself. Bravo!

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