Interview: Justin Furstenfeld of Blue October



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It IS all about the kids. I am so sorry for what you are going through. Even as a mother I can agree that our legal system in Texas is very unfair to father's. All it takes is for a mother to get custody is to show up for court. Moms should not be given any more rights to a child when there is an equally qualified father present. Working hard in order to provide for your child should NEVER be used against someone. How does feeding, clothing & sheltering your child make you any less competent as a parent? Why must we assume that a "loving and providing home" can only come from a mother? I just think it is unfortunate that father must fight for the child with their hands tied behind their backs. In order to determine what is in the "best interest of a child," shouldn't we have an even playing field? Not all dads are decent dads, some don't even care. I have a lot of respect for any man willing to fight for their child (assuming it is for the right reasons) and the court system should too. I can't even fathom what you must be going through. Never give up or assume that your baby girl would be better off without you fighting for her. You efforts won’t go unnoticed and someday she will know that her daddy loved her so much that he was willing to fight for her. When she grows up she will see things for what they were and it wont matter what she's been told by one parent or the other. She will form her own opinion someday and actions really do speak louder than words. I hope everything works out for you and your beautiful baby girl. I would never wish you any pain but I am glad that you are so open about your life. You have an amazing way of touching people and your words are not just words to your fans. You are so real and honest. For those of us who really hear YOU, not just the music, we feel like we know you in some weird way. We relate to you and empathize with you and your pain. Thank you for being so open in a way unlike anyone else...

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