Interview: Kirk Hammett Talks Orion Festival, His New Book and the New Metallica Album



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So they're trying to play pretty much anywhere BUT the US. I guess this is payback for Death Magnetic not selling 10 million in the US. All but two Big 4 and back to back summers playing European festivals. Guess we're not ood enough anymore, huh? And before anybody gets pissy, I'm a Metallica fan and fan club member. I'd just like the chance to see them live more than every 6 to 7yrs.



Actually they have been playing European festivals during the summer for years and years, regardless of album release or not. The states have NO big festivals for them to play at. When they do ( bonaroo etc) they play them. They went out of their way to fund and organize a big festival here on their own. The last really big one we had ( woodstock), was disastrous.

I'd like to see them here as well, but i can't blame em for wanting to play huge festivals overseas instead of 10,000-15,000 seat arenas here. It is frustrating though, i agree, since their live shows kick ***.

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