Interview: Michael Sweet Discusses His New Solo Album, Autobiography and the Future of Stryper



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Awesome interview! Can’t wait to hear all the new music from Michael and Stryper! I always thought it was so cool how they found a way to use heavy metal music to catch the attention of kids who might never hear about God. Well done….!



I'll never forget the first time I saw this guy's picture on a magazine cover. "Must be some hooker," I thought. Then I saw the little patch of chest hairs and became dizzy as a wave of revulsion overtook me . . .



I seen them recently in concert and they put on a great show. Not sure what your problem with Stryper is krshnakrunch. Yeah, it is 2012 and I listen to Children of Bodom, Megadeth, Asking Alexandria, Devil wears prada and tons of other heavy, speed and death metal but they have talent or they wouldn't have been around for 30years. Get over it and quit trolling forums to complain. You obviously had some interest in them or you wouldn't have made it to the bottom of the page to rant.



Stryper? Bunch of poon dogs with an appetite for chubby Christian chicks.
And Sweet needs to lose the Farrah-do (or get a new wig, or whatever). It's godfuckin' 2012 dammit!

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