Interview: Paradise Lost Guitarist Greg Mackintosh Discusses 'Tragic Idol'



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One of my favorite bands and indeed terribly underrated! Really hoping they'll tour the States this year! I still haven't been able to catch them live...


Josh Hart

I asked Greg about an American tour and all he could confirm was that they would be doing the Barge To Hell cruise. Still, I like the odds of something happening later this year!



Totally agree with americanunder...I really like this band. They are always changing their style up. If you listen to 'Icon' and then listen to 'Gothic', someone who hadn't listened to them before would find it almost impossible to tell that it was the same band. Holmes used to do the death growl, and then he did the Hetfield type singing...always changing it up.

Really wish they got more recognition.



A great interview with a band that doesn't get nearly enough credit. Well done!

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