Interview: Wolfgang Van Halen Talks Bass, 'A Different Kind Of Truth' and More



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if michael is so great, (nothing against him or his time with vh) then why is this the best vh album in 30 yrs?



I think Wolf is doing a great job on bass but think he needs to work on showmanship, Mike was a lot more fun to watch on stage. My only real concern is Dave's vocals and stage presents, From what I've seen and read it's pretty cheesy at times. I still prefer Dave over sammy any day.



i think wolfgang is doing a million things more then anthony for the band and a way better musician. Just because you know how to use a cd player ,6bpano ..doesn't mean you are a musician. a differentkind is a freaking great album. Love the new old van halen



micheal anthonys backup vocals made van halen who they are wolfie cant even hit those hight notes. Just because you write stupid comments doesnt necessarily make you a dumbass but you probably are



I wonder what van halen would be like if they had micheal anthony back in the fold hes a million times better than wolfie


i dont know about that .... Wolf seems to be a solid bassist, singer, and most importantly, a producer in waiting... I wouldn't be surprised if he produces the next VH album...Tru that Mike was a better back up singer, but Wolfgang seems more versitile and at 21, probably as gud of a bassist as mike is today.... Its in the "genetics" after all...

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