Iron Maiden Announce New U.S. Tour Dates



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Hey Jeffrey Collins, did you read this line:
"Following the hugely successful opening leg of the Maiden England World Tour 2012, Maiden’s most extensive tour of North America for many years, the band wanted visit even more U.S. cities where their fans hadn’t had a chance to see them play for a very long time, so utilizing the journey to Brazil seemed an ideal opportunity to make this happen."
Maiden DID tour the US last year, do yourself a favor, go online and check the past dates before slamming this almighty band.



Jeffrey Collins, do YOU live under a rock or what? I have seen Maiden seven times live ('81, '83, '88, '92, '93, '98, '03), the first time opening for "Judas Priest" and "Whitesnake" in Dayton, Ohio's Hara Arena. Yes, after 33 world tours perhaps they are being more selective on their venue selection this time around, but we are talking about a band who played nearly 300 dates on their 1984-85 World Slavery tour; if YOU don't recall, there are only 365 days in a year! Hello! Anyone home? This is what it sounds like when your brain is on stupidity! Furthermore, Steve Harris has a new band called, "British Lion" that he is touring with, as well. Wake up!



Dude. Get your head out of your ARSE. Typical of some internet dope to poorly represent his hometown for all to see. Up the Irons!



THAT is not much of a TOUR. Typical of British bands to come to 5 places in America and think it's a tour. We are FAR bigger a country than those 5 places. This is a band that I don't think has EVER done a real American tour. I don't think they've ever been to Columbus Ohio. And I've been a fan since Somewhere in Time came out.



also, Maiden played Columbus Ohio in '98. You must have missed that one too...



Yes, it's official. That's a brain-dead comment jeffreycollins.

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