It’s Official: Yngwie Taps Ripper Owens as New Singer



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want to see how his song will go,like gucci handbags popular



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can you guys mention the best guitar from this list?
Fender stratocaster
Gibson les paul standard
Prs Custom 24
Anderson strat
if you guys replied to this it would be a great help.
i'm an intermediate player not incredibly good but pretty good, and need a good guitar.



Judas Priest meets Paganini--it doesn't get any better than that in Virtuoso Metal.



I've been a huge yngwie fan since 86' almost to a fault. but he's had some less than stellar singers of late. I'm not saying their not good singers but just not metal enough for the newer power metal. so, to hear he is having ripper sing for him is so bad arse. iced earth was much better with him, and I have a feeling this album will be a little heavier. sweet. thank you for the info.

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