Jack Black Says Nirvana Were Last Big Rock Band



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eh, it's Rolling Stone Mag, it's Jack Black, who the eff really cares? Of course Rolling Stone would force a failing musician/actor say that Nirvana was the last great rock band, somehow the periodical finds ways to blow their load on Kurt's face since the April 1994 issue that sold out everywhere that delivered the news of his death (murder). The magazine has been and remains a joke to this day, it's a coven of sexagenarian hippies/yuppies that live in a lala-land where their opinions and policies are still relevant and they still feel the need to force it down everybody's throat using the name that once had held a toe's grasp of respect. They're a dinosaur that refuses to die and I give them respect for that. It's just that they're the dinosaur on the side of the road that has appeared lifeless since God knows when, that millions of passerby have stomped on the decaying and frail neck, forever failing to kill the fossil so that it can burp out it's next irrelevant brain fart. It just keeps living when nobody cares, after so many attempts of euthanasia, it just lives. Like Freddie and Jason, the hated unwanted bastard just won't fucking die.



His point, to me, isn't that there is a disparity of great music, but that the collective maniacal response to a band like the Beatles hasn't had the same effect recently, or not since Nirvana.

In that sense he is correct, and I don't even like Nirvana. Though, like Jack Black, I also loves me some foos. My musical tastes, as far as recent releases, are closer to Sixx A.M., Redlight Kings, & Shinedown.

Nobody is really capturing a movement in music today, which doesn't bother me one bit. Diversity is good too.



Which is why Jack Black is an actor and not a serious musician.



In a way he has a point. There are a lot of GREAT newer bands out there that unfortunately get ignored a lot by the popular conglomerate media. You have to come to sites like this to find out about it. I happen to think Jack Black is a pretty good musician as well. He definitely preaches 'The Metal'.

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