Jack White on White Stripes Reunion: "I Don't Think that Could Ever Happen"



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Oh come on Jack, give Meg a good banging and get the Stripes back together. Look at all the money you will make. You're just holding out to up the stakes anyway. If you wait to long people will forget who the Stripes were. I never liked any of their stuff anyway, wouldn't pay two cents to see them.



+1 bamboozle. Overrated novelty act



Thank God. The last think we need is one more vanilla album from the most overrated band of all time.

Ever see that video of Jack White and Edge with Jimmy Page? It was so awkward it was almost unwatchable. As if Edge (The Edge? Edge? Whatever) and White have any business being in the same room.

Pop hits and kooky outfits don't make you a good guitarist.



Oh jack at least do another album with the raconteurs

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