Jackson Guitars' Limited-Run 30th Anniversary Soloist Celebrates the Model's "Super Strat" Legacy — Video



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Jackson used to be such a great company. I have owned at least 10 different soloists of varying levels. Stopped playing for a decade and picked up a cheap ESP. Decided I wanted to play again and purchased a custom soloist....darn thing has been a nightmare. Finally gave up dealing with Guitar Center and Jackson about how a $2k guitar should not have so many dead frets, nor such lousy frets. Broke down and got a Schecter. Definitely is my main guitar now. heck I play my $199 ESP M-117 more than that $2k jackson.

I wish the old school Jacksons weren't so expensive.



Sad to hear that. I would hope that this 30th anniversary model would be a time machine. But it's gonna be expensive. Whats really sad is even when the Japanese were building them they did it with a sense of pride. This conglomerate that owns Fender Jackson/Charvel ect Is a bunch of money grubbing MBA's that choose profits over quality and I hope it bites them in their Pompous asses!!!!!!!!!!



Those original Soloist played like a dream! But back in the day they still demanded a premium price.

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