Jake E. Lee Announces Return, Puts Out Open Call for Vocalists



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Jake is one of my all time favorite guitarists, and a major influence of mine. Guitar World, please do a cover story of Jake!


The Shred King ...

Finally Jake's back! I can't wait to hear this. Who are some other guys you want to see make a comeback? I really want Vito Bratta to get back in the mix and do something similar.



OMG, I have been a HUGE JE Lee fan since Bark at the Moon, but what REALLY hooked me was his work in Badlands. I have search the internet for everything I could find and am SO PSYCHED for his return. Jake dont you EVER stop making music!



Wow! With all the recent casualties in rock/metal music these days I don’t see why any rocker who was worth his salt back in the day and who is able bodied should not be making music and touring.

Jake E. Lee is one of the all-time great heavy metal guitar players with his big hair and wielding a smoking Charvel with Ozzy at the helm! This man was an icon of the era and a scary good guitar player.

There is a revival of this type of music as of late and of course those of us who were there will always buy the new albums and go to the concerts however small the venue.

I look forward to seeing the “Guitar Ninja” onstage again where he belongs!

Rock on.



Good news, perhaps the MOST underated guitarist around. Glad he"ll be playing again.



Yeah, he's been playing the Vegas circuit for awhile now. I wonder if he called Ozzy before Gus was hired? It also would have made for better business for Oz as well. There would be huge album and tour anticipation by fans.



I hope he does some touring near my town... I would love to see him. A true master.



Great to hear! The last time I saw Jake he was with WWIII at the Alrosa Villa in 1994. I hope he comes near Ohio so I can cheer him on again. His Ozzy material + Badlands = Great Concert Experience.



.2013 is the 30th anniversary of the album bark at the moon.what about jake e. lee calling ozzy to play the album in its entirety live onstage?



Very cool! One of my favorite guitarists.



Very cool to see my favorite Ozzy guitarist make a comeback! Maybe a reunion with Ozzy could happen after all.



Yes!!!! This is awesome! Got to see him with Ozzy and Badlands back in the day. Looking forward to this!


Princess Stardusty

...this is just AWESOME news !!! happy, how about "ELATED" !!!
Jake E. - you'll be making one of my biggest dreams come true,
you are AWE-INSPIRING for me, and now my friends will breathe a
sigh of relief, cuz ... her Jake E. Lee is "BACK" !!!


Boy there is gonna be some super happy people from the old GW Forums over this!

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