Japanese Schoolgirl Metal/Pop Trio Babymetal Release New Music Video



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I like how everyone likes to point out 'weird'; it's not their fault though since the only songs that guitar world ever pointed out are their (I guess what we would call) 'campy-songs' when they have far more songs that are worthy of US air-play during various metal hours.

Songs like: [ijime, dame, zettai] Akatsuki, onedari daisakusen, Megitsune are all really good songs with great music and for crying out loud, a bloody message which people would get if they stop listening with their eyes and maybe look up the lyrics and try to enjoy the music.



Asian culture is chock full o" weirdness. They have a fetish with little girls that's borderline creepy. I'd be more impressed if they actually played instruments. But to each there own.


The song is "Give Me Choco!!", it's one of the newer tracks on the album... which is incredible, by the way.

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