Jason Becker: Eye-Communication Video Here



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I think Jason and his dad are very lucky to have each other, being the son of an ALS patient, I found it very hard to communicate with my dad, he has a communication device that he uses eye movements to operate, it comes with an electronic voice, though, Jason's thing seems a lot faster, a conversation with my dad requires patience. I'd like to wish Jason and his family well and I"m glad to see that his spirit is strong. ALS is a very difficult disease to cope with, not just for the person with it, but for the whole family. I am posting this not only because I am a guitarist, but because of ALS and how it's affected my dad's life and my family. Bless you Jason, and your family too.



That's so fucking sad!!! Damn!!! I honestly admire Jason's father (and Jason himself of course). And BTW that Vocal Eyes thing is amazing - he should patent it.



Jason is my hero in every way. from his playing to living his life with a life threatening condition such as ALS. and learning to communicate using a word table. I really respect his father too for having all the patience to create this idea. You rock jason.



Jason is amazing in every form. and his Father is a genius for making this system for him. very cool!
Thanks Guitar World for putting this in the news.
I got My Jason Becker Signature Paradise Guitar mid January and I love it!


So sad, but this is incredible. Unbelievable to see his sense of humor and everything...

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