Jazz Guitar Corner: Three Easy Steps to Creating Killer Arpeggio Licks



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Hey, Matt Warnock writing for GW now. Everyone benefits.

I play hard rock, and I shift the first lick rhythmically so that the chromatic notes fall on the ands of each beat. It adds some spice when covering songs like Aerosmith's Mama Kin where a purely pentatonic solo sounds thin and a full scale is a bit much. That way too, I can save double-stops for meatier rock 'n' roll songs.



Thanks man, yeah if you play the chromatic notes above each chord tone it gets a megadeath, metallica vibe, especially if you shift them by an eighth note.



Great blog. Good advice on expanding arpeggio use! I also like to use arpeggios , as I am sure you do, in a chord on chord situation. Like a basic Dm7 arp over a G7. Or just keep the arp going up in 3rds so my G7 is G B D F A C E. and then alter the rhythm pattern. You have endless material to teach with! Keep up the great blogging! I love it! I write the session blog.



Thanks man, those are great ways to expand arpeggios. I also like to pair them up, so over G7 i like to use G and A, or G and Db, just isolate two triads for a while and work between them to see what i can come up with. I've seen your articles, great stuff!

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