Jeff Beck Talks "Very Important" New Album, Possibility of Working with Jimmy Page



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Obviously people do not recognize who Jeff Beck is. Jeff Beck Group was around BEFORE Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix Experience. Without Jeff Beck there would not be any of these people who are being ranked above him.



I appreciate that Beck wants to try new things but what's wrong with just plain old Rock n Roll? Maybe Rock is Dead, they say. Also, I like his dig on Pro Tools. Does music done digitally sound better then the analog way...I don't think so. Anyway, I'm a Beck fan and look forward to his new record. Man 70 years old, wow.



I couldn't dissagree more with Chikkipop's comments. Jeff Beck has put out plenty of very good records. I'd venture to say if someone says he hasn't put out anything good since Truth ot Brck-ola they haven't heard what he's done since.
Emotion & Comotion is very good, with lots of good songs. I love the fact that he's always willing to try something new or different like the Rock & Roll party record his tribute to Les Paul or the rockabilly Crazy Legs record. Blow by Blow & Wired are classics.
Look how he takes a song like "A Day In A Life" or Nussun Dorma and make them guitar masterpeices. Jeff doen't want to make the same record over and over again, thats why he keeps trying new things.

....on the other hand. Yeah it would be cool if he could get Page to join him on tour, but like he said...what would he play. Now he's someone (Jimmy Page) who hasn't done much of anything since Zeppelin. Why not???



Jeff Beck has reinvented himself about once every decade. Personally, I love it and can't wait to hear his new ideas. I've enjoyed each reinvention and he seems to just get better with age. He's a great artist who never quits growing.



Big waste of talent, like so many other great guitarists. Danny Gatton did the same instrumental, endless wanking instead of putting his talents into a great musical context.

Beck has made very little good music since his first two solo albums Truth & Beck-Ola. He surrounds himself with technically proficient but soulless musicians who are not his equals. Ron Wood was a better bassist than all these Jaco wannabes he's had since. He had balls.

Wish he'd put together a good blues/rock band like he had back then, and show folks today how great that stuff sounded.

I get that people feel they have to move on, but to not do what you did best is a shame.

I don't look forward to more wanking on his new "non-Western" album.



Wow. That's pretty harsh criticism. Remind me again who you are and what recordings you've played on?

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