Jimi Hendrix Estate Issues Statement on 'All Is By My Side' Biopic



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I disagree with the assumption that it's just money that's the issue. People who really know their Hendrix, like Paul Allen, don't want one flaw in getting this phenomenon right. The trailer looks predictable--a guy trying real hard to talk like Hendrix and act period. Despite Hendrix' on-stage persona as wild and excessive he was in reality a person so genuinely humble it's almost impossible to match the persona with the person. I had no idea they were making this film and thought about the idea I have long nurtured in my own head honor Hendrix in film just before sitting down to discover this article and the movie effort--and of course the detail that there's no Hendrix music in it at all. Since I'm now getting old and the collaborator I'd need is more interested in just being a dad, and this film will change the climate, I might as well spill. My idea was for a film not about Hendrix but about a young man who idolizes Hendrix. He is a bitchin' song-writer and guitarist himself. But he accidentally OD's. In the limbo between life and death Hendrix, Mitch and Noel rise from the bottom of the sea as a Buddha, and a drama involving Hendrix takes place only to be ended by sounds my created hero doesn't understand. When they become clear they are the sounds of a defibrillator. My hero lives to build and long and distinguished legacy of his own original music with a doff of the hat with the rings on it Jimi is famous for. No one can steal my idea because they would have to write dynamite music that could sell. And my friend having done that inspired the story. He just had no ambition to succeed in the business. I do.



Eric Gales is the man that should play Hendrix...lefthand Guitar and all...he can play the songs live standing on his head and has the style of a true Blues/Rock Guitar Player...keep the rappers out of Jimi's music...they have sampled his music now leave him alone.



This is ridiculous. I was kinda excited about this movie until I read that. You'd think something would have been at least discussed before the film got the green light. If it ever does see the light of day, I think Andre 3000 will make a great Hendrix as he actually is a pretty good actor.


erndawggy (not verified)

I guess I won't get to see why Jimi is considered innovative.


You should know how much of an innovator he was just by hearing his music. If you can't figure that out, I don't think seeing the movie is gonna help you figure it out.


It's funny the real point is danced around they say it will need to be in cooperation with or production partners etc but really all it comes down to is $$$.

They should just come out and say it .We want this "insert money amount" up front to allow this movie to be made and include hendrix music and we want this "insert desired percentage" of back end profits.

It's really that simple



I think you hit the nail on the head.
$$$ makes things happen ALL THE TIME it seems.
Unless it is for a Led-Zeppelin tour.

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