Jimmy Page: 2013 Led Zeppelin Album Remasters Will Include Extra Material, Alternate Takes



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While it is great to see Led Zeppelin in the news in 2012, but let's get a couple of things nice and sparkly clear. First, how the hell can a movie be doing "quite well" at the box office when it only played for 2 days? That is what they meant by a limited release.
Here in Phx it played on 6 screens around town on a Wednesday night and on 2 screens on Thursday. Did I mention that there was only 1 showing at those theaters on those nights? Yeah, one showing at 7pm.

I used to work at a movie theater and can't believe that they wouldn't rethread the film and show it again at 9. There was virtually no advertizing done for this, I'm fairly plugged into Zeppelin stuff and log into JimmyPage.com every day and I found out via an e-mail on Wed. afternoon, I had no chance to see it that night. On my way home a friend called to say that he had just seen an ad for it on tv, this was about 7pm. I scrambled to get a ticket to the 7:30 showing on Thurs. Fortunately one of the 2 theaters that was showing it was on my side of town or I would have missed it altogether. Yeah, the second night it went down to 2 theaters and 1 7:30pm show.

When I got there I found zero advertizing in the lobby. It was cool to see "Led Zeppelin" on the reader board for the one theater and behind the ticket counter but that was it. I had more ad copy on my t-shirt. The theater was only about 1/2 full if that. Not surprising since no one knew about it and if they did they didn't have time to react. I barely did and like I said I'm up on Led Zep stuff. Later on I did hear on the radio that they were going to show it again in Nov. Again for only 2 days and at just a few screens. I was too busy to go but I would have if I could.

How could this happen? With a proper send up and some ads it could have done "quite well", as it was I don't see how they made enough to pay to ship the prints to the theaters! This bullshit never would have happened if Peter Grant were still alive. This movie should have been in theaters for weeks and then spend the summer on the Midnite Movie circuit. I will say that it was awesome to see it on the big screen and hear it on the big system.

And another thing, I saw the Kennedy Honors show and did not see Led Zeppelin play. I saw the Foo Fighters and Kid Rock and Lenny Kravitz
and I saw the Cleavage Sisters do a kick ass version of Stairway.

So that's my rant for this year. Looking forward to the remastered albums coming out later next year, there better be new material because this will be the 4th time I've bought that catalogue.
Happy New Year!



alternate version to over the hills and far away is gonna be badass

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