Jimmy Page: Page in History



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Good article.



Just beautiful. You can clearly see Page's Asian descent. If you didn't know he was Page, you would simply think he was a Chinese elder. For those of you who do not know, Page is 1/4 Asian. His mother was 1/8 Asian.




Hey Ross, I just read your article in the August issue called "Been A Long Time" and I just have to say, you're a fag. All you do is rip on Jimmy Page's fans throughout the whole article, and don't really give any useful information except for the fact that all of us who admire him are a pain in his ass.

Thanks for the info. You know, not everybody who seeks a glimpse, or an autograph, or an inspiring word, is out to make money. What the fuck do you care if people make money off an autograph anyway? You're both richer than shit, and it doesn't cost anything to take a second to sign an autograph. If you rich uppity motherfuckers don't want the attention, stay in the basement. Otherwise, live with it - it's what you signed up for.

Anyway, kiss my ass. I just bought my subscription, and until I read your article I'd been happy with it - but if all you're going to do is bash fans(a.k.a. your readers) you can keep your shitty magazine.



a guitar lick even your mum could play conquers all.....

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