Jimmy Page Shoots Down Led Zeppelin Reunion Rumors



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The Eagles said "when hell freezes over" and when they saw the cash waved under their noses, out comes the "Hell Freezes Over" tour.

As quoted above:
>> But, as Jimmy Page was quick to tell
>> Rolling Stone in a new interview,
>> it's probably not happening.

PROBABLY?? is that a "shoot down" ???



This is just a cash grab by them with a big sales promotion. Good for them, but I'll bet that Plant is the only band member that would be opposed to doing a mini-tour on both sides of The Pond...and it probably has little to do with his voice holding up.


I'm glad they're not touring. Robert's voice just can't handle that type of performing on a regular basis anymore. I'd rather remember them as they were.

I wouldn't mind hearing some new material from Page and Jones though. If they could work together I'd be VERY happy.

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