Joe Bonamassa Premieres "Different Shades of Blue" Music Video



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Sign me up for the new album. I will see Joe in December in Biloxi and I hope he is playing a lot of stuff from his new material.



Joe is a great player and will come into his own in time.He's very young still.It took Gary Moore decades to find his own thing ,and in the end thats what counts.Joe's singing lessons have helped a lot,but I'd rather have Rodgers or a major name vocalist in front of his guitar playing.But he has the right to choose to front his own band and good luck to him.It's hard not to sound derivative so this "song" although nice,is swamped with a rehash of a few well known mega hits from big names.Originality is the hardest thing to own,no matter how great a soloist a musician is.



I initially thought the opening riff was a little felt to me like a few notes were a bit out of place, like they didn't have a real natural flow to them. Then, to make me feel like I completely called it wrong, the whole intro resolves around that gloriously thick and chunky lead riff (*sooooo* tasty...mmmmm, vintage Gibson thru cranked Marshall, yum), then those vocals come in (that could've easily been mistaken for stuff laid down by Paul Rodgers in his prime), and man! I honestly didn't know Joe had this kind of stuff in him, this song is great! No disrespect meant to His Bonamassa-ness, his playing is always world class and he's been one of my favorite modern bluesy guitarists since he hit the scene...I'm just saying that he's hit a new stride when it comes to his original work, this is a *really* good song...can't wait to hear the rest of the album!



I think this is Joe's best singing to date. His voice sounds very natural these days, not somewhat put-on, like it once did. He's really developed into a good singer. Love the track and can't wait for the album! Go, Joe!!



So awesome to hear new music from a great artist. Thank you Joe. We can't wait for the new album. Keep sending us teasers ok? LOVE Joe

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