Joe Satriani Teaches You How To Play Like Jimi Hendrix



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Aniruddha Biswas

Hey, lpplayer65 for your kind information Satriani picked guitar (for the first time) the next day after the sad demise of Hendrix because He was like a god to him (by the way Satriani's my god). So lpplayer65, please don't post any more bullshits cause you know only shit. You are the guy who turned back just after birth to see your momma's "secret place" & started "playing with your privates".



I completely disagree with lpplayer65. I think Satriani competently explains what and how Hendrix did what he did in both technical terms and by discussing the pure emotion of just playing balls-to-the-wall guitar, with no regard for the chords, through pure emotion.

Satriani, is truly a technical virtuoso, with that I agree with lpplayer65, and because he understands music and guitar playing so fluently, he can regress and show how Hendrix built his music. Hendrix was certainly not saying, I want to have this progression of chords here and I think here I'm gonna bend this note and then just add some distortion.... But Satch explains it so that non-professional guitar players can TRY to understand the mechanics of Hendrix's music and make some kind of attempt to play it themselves.

I think Satriani shows immense respect to the Legend and never sinks to condescension. I like the way he thinks about Hendrix's past and how his first influences of country music and the blues are evident in his songs.

I thought the feature was great!



I don't know. Hearing how Satch describes Hendrix's music just sounds odd to me. I guarantee you that Hendrix did not think of modes and scales the way Satch describes (and Satriani even mentions this) He just played what he felt and it showed-as opposed to the mechanical and too-technical aspect of Satch's playing. I know-this is my opinion and others will disagree but I do think if you value technical virtuosity you'll probably appreciate Satch; if you appreciate guitar playing with feeling, more people will choose Hendrix. I appreciate that he thinks that Hendrix is a great musician, but there are points where his description of Hendrix's music sounds almost to the point of condescension in that he seems to laugh off players who don't think about the theory of every scale, note or chord.



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