John Frusciante on His Latest Solo Effort, 'Enclosure,' and Why His Days Onstage are Behind Him



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SteveK ;

I think that you totally missed what John was getting at. Music is NOT about playing in front of people. Most of the great composers of the last 200 years NEVER played in front of people. I am talking about Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Brahms, and the other masters of composition. They may have played in front of people when they were little kids, they were all prodigies, but as adults, they did not. John is a composer, first and foremost. He is also a master of a particular instrument. This does not mean that in order to be fulfilled he needs to interact with an audience. He can express that part of his talent just as well by recording. That is what the great composers of the past did when they transcribed their music. They were allowing others to partake of their genius. In fact, performing was seen as something lower class, that is something done by workers. Musicians who did not compose, only played. The example would be some of the great sidemen of history, those who simply did not write the music they played. They added to the overall experience by their expertise, but they were not composers. Only in the last 100 years has 'performing' been something that people were greatly rewarded for. John Frusciante does not OWE me or you anything. He is saying, if you like my stuff, buy it, if you don't, that is cool too. He has made enough money to satisfy the requirements of life, and now he would like to simply be an artist. Without constraints on his art. I admire that about him.



So, THIS is what it sounds like when, one of the greatest rock guitarists ever, quits one of the coolest, most awesome bands ever, and plays around in his house, by himself, with Protools? Yay.



All the best John, do you man.



And this is exactly why I don't like and also mistrust John. Playing for people in front of people is the very essence of music. It's not about the perfect take that took 18 times to get. It's not about digital (or even analog) perfection. It's about touching people's mind and especially their hearts through real interaction and feedback loop. When you play something that touches them and look into their eyes and faces...THAT is real music and real life.

And sometimes you don't get that. Like real life you do succeed and you do also fail. Have to learn how to deal. Or you could do a bunch of drugs, or claim your personality won't allow it or any number of excuses. for for the people TO the people. It's both amazing and heartbreaking but such is life.



I love John and wish I could see him play I see where you're coming from, but I also completely understand where John's coming from. I think you're being pretty obtuse here. John's definitely right about certain parts of performing not really being about the music, like appearance and such, and I definitely get where he's coming from as far as making music that makes him happy and not trying to play for a certain sound or audience. John also completely follows the direction that he feels at any given time which is why his playing sounds so different on each album, and which is one reason he's such a great musician, so I wouldn't be surprised if he eventually realized he wanted to play for an audience again. I don't think we've seen the last of John, and if we have I wish him the best and I'll still be listening to whatever he releases.

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