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Three Essential Rockabilly Guitar Licks

I decided to grab my rapidly aging black Levi's shirt, my awesome new Levy's guitar strap and my Gibson Music City Jr. with B-Bender and show you three essential rockabilly licks.Bear in mind, I could've chosen three other "essential" rockabilly licks, but these seemed like nice ones to start with. Hey, there's always next month.I'm really sorry for the lack of tabs, but, well, there's not... …

Song Facts: The Beatles — "Get Back"

The Beatles' 19th single in Britain—"Get Back," backed with "Don't Let Me Down"—was released April 11, 1969, so the song was already well known when the Let It Be album was released a year later. ... …

John Lennon Gibson Jumbo Auction: Seller to Split Windfall with Yoko's Charity

John and Yoko—John McCaw, that is, a 69-year-old San Diego contractor who's had possession since 1969 of one of the most sought-after Beatles guitars John Lennon ever owned—will split the proceeds of what could be a million-dollar windfall when the Gibson J-160E goes to auction in Los Angeles November 7. Ono will donate the entirety of her proceeds—approximately 50 percent of the auction price... …