John Mayer Shows You How To Play "Crossroads"



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What are you guys doing? Michael Jackson is barely cold and you are already trying to lavish his throne onto, dare I say it, " a white boy named John Mayer." This is an insult. Must you boys use your control of media to bully you agenda? I don't recall any suggestions for a new King of Rock and Roll or simply put, "The King." Not suprisingly Elvis get to keep his moniker. Gee, I wonder why? When Bruce dies will you rush to appoint a new Boss? The King of Blues is also a rediculous notion. John knows how to play it, not feel it. Besides their are plenty of pretenders to that throne, but that's another topic for another day. During a time when many black actresses have to prostitute themselve a play romantic roles opposite white males just to work in hollywood and elswhere, on TV and the Big Screen, my question is this, "where is this so called "liberal media" I keep hearing about?" When you guys can get away with this crap, these are indeed great days for the tender white male ego.



and John's playing is awesome, cool, outstanding....



For all the vaunted fame he has in the mass media, this guy has been virtually ignored by the guitar magazines up until now which is unfortunate because this guy can PLAY. He really seems like a true tone chaser and and a very committed and thoughtful guitar player.



what do I need to become a blues/rock star. What do i need to practices?????

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