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Supreme Shredder John 5 Discusses His Demanding New Album, 'Season of the Witch'

“I was like a fighter training for the fight, which is being in the studio,” John 5 says about the mental and physical preparation for Season of the Witch, his ninth solo instrumental album containing arguably some of the most complex, challenging and madly creative licks the Telecaster devotee has ever conjured.“It would be about three weeks of complete and utter training for hours and hours... …

Country-Influenced Application of Hybrid Picking for Blues and Rock

I’m going to talk about the ways in which I’ve employed ideas I’ve learned from guitarists in different genres to my own playing. To start off, I’m going to show you a lick in the key of B that I use on the track “The Nightmare Unravels,” from my album The Art of Malice. ... …