Just Play: Are Guitarists Bigger Douchebags Than Bassists?



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This is pretty good article. I was a little offended as a guitarist just from the title. As I read the article I realized there is some true behind it. Music is about feel and emotion. The guitarist that get this are not the Douchebags Matt is talking about. It's so sad music is competitive cuz' it shouldn't be. As guitarists a lot compare to ones self or another guitarist usually with negative responses. It's that what they became guitarist? To be the best? To be better then the other guitarist? That don't exist. What's best for me is not what's best for you. You're just chasing your tail. Why not as guitarist try being yourself and get a grip on why you wanted to play in the first place. If you were moved by some ones playing keep moving foreword. If you're in it for self glory(Ego) Do us all a favor and stay home. Being true to yourself as it seems is harder then you think. Try it. You make like it.




Great article, Matt! You were awesome. Great job..

Now can you get your stupid bass rig off the stage so us guitarists can set up?

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