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Keith Richards: “‘Sympathy for the Devil’ Started Out as a Ballad”—and Five More Things We Learned

Noisey’s Matt Sweeney interviewed the Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards for his Guitar Moves program last fall as the then 71-year-old rocker promoted his solo album, Crosseyed Heart. That interview saw Richards discussing how he got turned onto guitar, his playing technique, and various firsts, including how he bought his first guitar and the first song he learned. In this just-released second... …

Supro Launches 1600 Supreme 6V6 Amp

Supro USA is proud to announce an all-tube tribute to rock guitar icon Keith Richards with the release of the 1600 Supreme. This historic "Classic Series" combo is a replica of the Chicago-made 1x10 amplifier used extensively by the Rolling Stones guitarists throughout decades of rock and roll hits. ... …