Keith Wyatt - Talkin' Blues (July 2011) Video



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Thank you so very much for Jazz-Blues lessons. This is right up my alley (yes I'm OLD). Love rock too, just that this really gets my (creative) juices flowing.



OK - I recently subscribed because of GW digital, when you come out with the new files, will they be compatible with GW D? Or will we have to manage seperately, same goes for your referenced new application. What do you think you are going to lose in revenue when people cant shop right from that app and keep it all together? How much of a support increase are you going to see? All this costs which usually results in even less extra's and features. Not a happy subscriber, I purchased a number of items already and really liked the way it was all bundled together.



Would you consider Keith a jazz cat or blues guy? He definitely knows his roots & is a great storyteller.



Thanks Keith and GW! I'm a beginner who is primarily interested in learning to play jazz and blues guitar. These videos helped to explain the difference, even though I didn't understand everything just yet...

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