Keith Wyatt: Talkin' Blues (October 2011) Video



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What an awesome column this is! Street Jazz ... A way of thinking. This really opened up a door for me as I am guilty of doing exactly what you said. When I try to get a little outside of the blues realm I am thinking so hard about what I am trying to do that it doesn't flow. I am definitely going to try incorporating the outlying notes of the altered chords into my blues licks and phrasing and see where that goes. Thank you for turning me on to this new (for me) way of looking at 'Street Jazz!


Aaron Doyle

Keith, I really enjoy your jazz on blues section. I have played for almost 50 years, read some music, but, have played very little jazz.
I tried your chords at a recent jam session (primarily blues and rock) and the chords fit perfectly with 3 chord blues. The flat keys are not the best for straight ahead blues/rock players but I simply moved the chord position to the keys we commonly use...A...E....etc.
I shall let you go and get back to learning some of the jazz on blues lead alterations you are teaching.
Great job.

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