Kevin DuBrow Responds to Rhoads Movie Controversy



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I would like to see this happin in my life time anyway
And yes it would be nice to have it (the movie)as accuret as posiable.
I've been a "Rhoads fan" sence the first time I heard Blizzard of Ozz and did'nt even know who Quiet Riot was.
And if something like this ever takes off it would be nice to see all profits go to the Rhoads famely
Also whats John Osbourne {Ozzy)involvment in all this?
My personal fealings would have to include:
1 The begning were Rhoads started with famely music
2 The forming of Quit Riot with actuial performances
with the band
3 And the same with Ozzy actuial live performances
That would be 1 hell of a tribute to the man an his music
Speaking for myself Randy Rhoads has influnced my life and will be in my life (with the music)every day till the day I die
God bless Dee Rhoads for giving us Randy and letting him ROCK THE WORLD
Anthony--Niagara Falls N.Y.



I dont know how to react to all the political bullshit with doing a thing on Randy...
Hey !! Kevin,go thru your Randy material and produce something on your own!!! Hopefully you and Rudy are on good terms....bring him in and get it done!
I've seen every bit of Randy on video/dvd and the production sucks!!!
And How are you Kevin with Randy's Mum?
she's a doll and if in fact you are the true friend you say you are (to Randy)she would be pleased to keep his soul & talent remembered...and she would trust you,
HHHmmm I wonder, something should come out with "Randy Rhoads" because he was (and to me)still is the best Guitarist ever...and this new generation needs to witness the very foundation of what they are playing RIGHT NOW!!!! It All Came From Him.. peace out.. (.o }----x



If you knew Randy like I did you would know he thought Kevin took it in the a**.
Drew Forsyth, yeah that Drew



If you happen to follow up on this story you should reconsider Peter's offer to be a part of the documentary. You were a huge part of Randy's life and it would only enhance the memory of Randy. Peter as stated before is an amazing guy with alot of credits under his belt and whatever pretense you think that he or others may have in making this documentary I feel you are sadly mistaken! Suck it up, Man up and do your "Best Friend" proud and share, he would have for you!




Peter Margolis, the director of the Randy Rhoads Documentary, is a stand up guy. Peter was a student of Randy's and his resume' reads like a list of every award show and TV show done over the last 15-20 years. Peter truely, is not in it for the money. He's highly respected in the Entertainment Industry and Peter's only intent behind this Documentary is to remember Randy Rhoads. Kevin Dubrow needs to get over himself. While others fight to remember Randy Rhoads, Kevin just fights. Hey Kevin, you might as well face it your a dick with a rug.



Personally, I couldn't care less whether Dubrow participates or not. He has proclaimed himself as Randy's "best friend" every chance he has had for over 25 years.... yet, he has never had anything to do with publicly honoring Randy at events such as concerts held in Randy's memory or Randy's induction to the "Rock Walk" in 2004, for example. Why should his participation in this film be any different? The guy is an immature ass whose presence in the film will not be missed. Nobody really gives a damn if he is involved or not. No big loss.....

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