Killer Guitar Tracks: The Art and (Not So Exact) Science of Recording Guitar



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Hey Man,
How ya doin'.I got a question for ya and i hope ya don't get pissed at me for asking.I have a hard time playing by ear and i've been trying desperatly to find Tablature for the song "THE WORLD I KNOW".Its a great song and i'm trying to learn it for my wife.I found a ton of Tab's for the song but they just don't sound right.I believe its because they are all Tabbed for standard tuning,Please tell me that the guitar is not in standard tune.I feel kinda stupid now,could you tell me what tuning the guitar was in for the song.
I play a few songs that you have made famous,December and Shine are my favorites.I hope you can help me,but i understand if you're to busy to mess with me.

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