Kirk Hammett: Metallica to "Buckle Down" on Completing New Record in September



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IDk about you but, to me this sounds like Metallica ripping off their back catalog, Metal by Numbers and, it's not a good look. come on you motherf#@&ers wrote and recorded "Master of Puppets" if your out of ideas hire ghost writers, better yet Just stick to covers because that's where Metallica really shines...This s#!t right here sounds like someone trying too hard....Metallica hasn't released any original material worthy of being called metal after cliff lost his life (RIP)
Put this bloated corpse of a band back in the water and move on spend some time with your kids....Pull the plug, you don't owe us another album, you could have left us at St.Anger because we were like these guys don't know when quit....I can't believe you let Bob Rock play bass on your album what an A$$HOLE....please for the love of Metal...Stop....Just Stop...

::Hangs head in shame::

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