Kiss Guitarist Paul Stanley Talks Ace Frehley, Peter Criss and Being Ignored by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame



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lagartija nick

As a teen in the seventies, I loved Kiss' first three albums (still do) and their first live album was and still is excellent. After THAT they turned into comic book characters. During those original three albums, they were incredibly cool, bizarre, and seemingly dangerous. The music was fantastic, glitterized Chuck Berry. They could have stopped after those records and I would still hold them in high regard much like the New York Dolls. Stanley was the coolest looking guitar hero only surpassed by Marc Bolan.

I like some of the music they made after those records but like Alice Cooper things weren't the same; album consistency wasn't there and "Destroyer" was like "Welcome To My Nightmare"... too much polish and its been downhill from there. Great cover by Ken Kelly though and it should be mentioned classic comic art album covers flourished for awhile thereafter.

In those photos of the original members holding their trophies at the Hall of Fame induction, is Simmons wearing a wig? He looks way scarier than he ever did in makeup or in a comic art illustration.

Oh, and by the way, while we're on the subject of aging rock stars Aerosmith hasn't made a consistently good album since "Draw The Line" and Ozzy should have stayed with Sabbath; even his best solo material can't equal the worse Sabbath cuts on "Technical Ecstasy" or "Never Say Die".

That should piss off a few million readers and some critics too.



I just hope and pray they don't resort to playing county fairs lol



... Rock & Roll over and over and over again!



I love the music by KISS and I completely understand anyone setting limits to how many chances they give addicts to continue working on their team, especially with so much at stake.

Bravo Paul - 40 years and still filling up stadiums!


Ivan Zander

Huh. All this time I thought the disco on Dynasty, power pop on Unmasked & prog on The Elder were what diluted KISS. Turns out it was not making Eric Carr wear the cat makeup. Thanks for clearing that up, Paul.



What Ivan said. Disappointment has a long memory.



There are songs by KISS I like, but I'm not a "fan", but they should realize, especially as astute as Gene Simmons believes he is.... they should give the * KISS * fans what they want.... an original lineup to accept the induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

MAYBE.... why they've been snubbed for years by the Hall????



Paul Stanley is the man!

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