KISS To Release New Album Exclusively at Wal-Mart



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The subject should have made the point.



damn even though i listen to death metal KISS is fucking awesome ive been waiting for this



The drummer is Eric Singer(ex Sabbath, Alice cooper) who was in & out of Kiss in the 80's. The guy in Aces' makeup is Tommy Thayer who actually was the guitar tech for Ace for Psycho Circus. I was a HUGE fan as a 70's preeteen, but the shoddy treatment of Frehley and Criss has soured me, and by joining up with the evil Sprawlmart they have only convinced me that Stanley and (especially ) Simmons won't stop until they have all the money in the world.



I'm not a fan of the band, they had a gimmick. They are an average band even in their hayday. I just wonder who space ace and cat man are. I know it's not Ace or Peter. The album cover looks a little like some of their old covers. Just trying to cash in, but that's why people by Kiss records. It's not because their tone deaf, but because they still get up to watch Saturday morning cartoons. If their is a GOD, please no more KISS records. Bad music doesn't need to comeback. I know their are tons of Kiss maniacs out their and I hope this WILL offend them. Brought to you from the organization to stop BAD music.



Gene Simmons knows where u live!

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