Korn Premiere New Music Video for, "Get Up!," Featuring Skrillex



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Hey everyone, I'm such a LUCKY girl to have had the honor of being at Korn's Vid shoot yesterday for Narcissistic Cannibal song coming out! First as always these guys are so professional yet geniune in their art. Second I want to take the time to thank not just Korn but ALL musicians that go out there on the road in the studios away form their families to give us the precious thing we call music! Haters if you dont like something dont listen. Thirdly, MY HOMEBOYS ROCK THE SHIT OUTTA BAKERSFUCKINHOLEFIELD! Fieldy, my Homie, Jon, my piece of Pumpkin Pie, Munky, Johnson Valley here we come, but never lastly Ray, your the BEST thing that could have happened to Korn after all the stuff that goes on in band lifes ya know? Please take care of that precious baby and CONGRATS to you and A. Jonathan put your seat belt on DAMMIT! Love you see you in VEGAS Korns Home Girl Kim \\\mmm///

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