Korn Signs with Roadrunner Records



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I've always loved KoRn, but it's true that the albums done in the 2000's are not great. Seems like Jon's not into it anymore. I remember seeing them early in their career and he got emotional on stage when he sang. The other band members jammed out hard to. Last time I saw them they just played the songs and didn't seem into it at all.
Fieldy's slappin is awesome but they're sound is in the past with no chance of a comeback. People that know and love them want to hear them doing what we loved them for but anything new wouldn't be the same. Remember when Static-X lost his signature scream and tried to do an updated sound? Yeah, like that.



i really wish korn would just go away. They have turned into the guns n roses of metal, what do they have like 20 people in that band now? They haven't put anything out that has been good in years. There maybe one or two songs on there albums that are good but the rest just either suck or sound just like the rest of there songs. No wonder most of the original band members have quit.



I currently enjoy the metal scene right now. From Mastodon to Dillinger Escape, it's nice to hear musicians that can play all 6-7 strings. New school metal that has old school influences like Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax, Metallica, Testament etc. That being said... KORN's return to old would mean a return to something that might sound dated by today's standards. Just like the LIMP boy's, by the way whatever happened with that reunion tour, nevermind... who really cared anyway, they had their time and that time has passed. The best band to come out of the 90's was PANTERA hands down... RIP DIME. nu-metal is dated and so are korn.



Every time Korn releases an album they say they're returning to the attitude of their first records. They've been doing that since their third album. I bet they're also going to say it's the heaviest thing they've ever done.

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