Kurt Cobain Added to Guitar Hero 5



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Well if he did kill himself, too bad for him, he should have stayed alive long enough to defend his stance. If Courtney had a hand in his death and he didn't commit suicide, It's possible that Kurt may may not have given a shit about appearing in a video game, he was very self-contradictory. After all, he did allow wal-mart to change his song "rape me" to "waif me" so that more kids could buy In Utero, although he always hated the corporate elite and their effect on society. I love Kurt, believe me, and I think Guitar Hero has done wonders for bringing older music into the limelight, so I'm excited to see Kurt in the game.



I do not believe for a minute that Kurt Cobain killed himself. I think Courtney Love had her hand in it somehow, as with Kristen Pfaff.



Kirk is rolling in his grave. This is a huge punch in the face for him. He hated commercializm and isn't that the reason his killed himself?

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