Lamb of God Frontman Announces Presidential Candidacy



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Obama is a Corporate Uncle Tom.
The Republican's candidates are a bunch of morons. Ron Paul does have some good ideas, though.

However I would vote for Mr. R.D. Blythe. I hope he considers getting people such as Jesse Ventura and Jello Biafra involved with his candidacy.

And just imagine the innaugaration party he'd throw if he won the U.S. Presidency !

First President to stage dive into a moshpit I bet !!!



this is the best blog entry MY stupid fuck generation Z has ever seen. Randy has nailed it with his no bullshit approach, furthermore the first commenter @kody2727: Fuck off, because quite frankly you obviously can't handle truth when it's cock-whipping you in the face.

As a fan of TRUE American patriots I Commend Randy's announcements and ideas, It's so eerie to read the full entry @ randonesia without having flashbacks of Jefferson,Zappa and Dr. H.S. Thompson's ideals and Balls to print the truth. Well Done Mr. R.D. Blythe

PS, Let William And Mark be VP and Sec. Of State.



Spoken Like a True American!
That dude Hit Every Nail in those Liberals Coffins!!
I can't believe so Few People have Seen this, they Don't Know what there Missing!

Damn Skippy!



This is the Most Awesome Statement I have ever heard Come out of anyone's Mouth EVER!!!
You are Dead On!!
Not only Do you have my Vote!! But I will Volunteer 7 day's a week to get your Message out!!

I don't care what Jackass doesn't Believe in You!
I DO!! I don't know much about your Music Other than its Bad ASS, cause if it Wasn't you wouldn't Be on here in the First place! PERIOD!

With that Said I am Posting you on my Facebook, My Wife's FB and anywhere Else I can Promote this Staggering Expression of True American Heroism!!

You take the Words Right out of my Mouth!! Not my Guitar mind you!!!
Rock on Man!!!



Uh the Libertarians are still counting on Ron Paul because he's not so dumb as to expect to win the candidacy without playing within the two-party system, dumbass. So what if he's running for Republican, that's actually a good thing for Libertarians and Democrats, and Republicans! I'm not a republican, or democrat for that matter, I think all political parties so far are a bunch of bull shit, but don't you see how Ron Paul can do more damage within the sytem than without? Stick to singing your mediocre ass run-o-the-mill basic metal day job. You're not progressing anywhere with your music so I damn sure don't think you could progress this nation esp since you don't understand the basics of politics. Idiot. Lamb of God is now shittier than they were before if that's possible.

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