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Lamb of God Frontman Randy Blythe Acquitted of Manslaughter

The ordeal is finally over for Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe.

A panel of judges in the Czech Republic ruled today (Tuesday, March 5) that concert promoters — not Blythe — were mainly responsible for the 2010 death of a teenage Lamb of God fan, adding that Blythe's actions didn't constitute a crime. The state attorney, who had sought a conviction for manslaughter and asked for the minimum sentence of five years, has appealed the decision.

Blythe didn't face the press after the trial. However, before the trial, he had this to say:

"As I've stated previously, I do not wish to avoid my responsibility, and if I thought I were guilty I would plead guilty right now. I still believe I acted responsibly to protect myself, my band, our equipment and our audience. I did not strike anyone or run across the stage to push anyone."

Blythe also posted the following comment via Instagram:

"I have been found not guilty & acquitted of all charges against me. I am a free man. This photo was taken by my friend @aceyslade- it says it all. Please remember the family of Daniel Nosek in your thoughts & prayers in this difficult time. I only wish for them peace. Thank you for your support- Randy"

Look for more updates as we get them.

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This is how it should be. Regardless of what actually happened, Blythe...and really all musicians performing on stage at that level should have the right to protect themselves to the fullest. After what happened to Dimebag, it should be assumed that anyone getting on the stage that shouldn't be is a threat.

I am very sorry the man died and I feel for the family, but his actions were unacceptable.

As it should be. Too bad the guy died but when you crash the stage you're asking for trouble.