Lamb of God on Randy Blythe's Arrest: "It’s Maddening to Try and Make Heads or Tails"



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As I recall, Dimebag was killed because a crazed fan/psycho ran on the stage. If Randy felt threatened in any way he has every right to defend his space. I agree with mak101...and anyone who has been to a concert or seen a concert knows, if you get on stage your gonna get gacked by a bouncer or by anyone who feels that you are interfering with the show. Some bands let fans on the stage but you gotta be asked....



This whole thing is about the Czech government trying to squeeze money from Americans. The half hearted push Randy gave that guy was by no means why he died. Good luck getting Lamb of God to play in your country again. Sucks for the fans that were smart enough to stay off the fucking stage.

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